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Charles was the main “witness” who testified against Ryan Ferguson in 2005.   He has just recanted that testimony in an official deposition.        See link below.

I stand by my conviction that Charles Erickson is a very mentally ill man.   He has demonstrated again symptoms of a delusional person by ever-expanding on and changing his perception.   Hopefully his recant will be advantageous for Ryan who we know is innocent.

  If  by chance Ryan’s defense  happens to convince the right Judge and or jury that both of Charles’ confessions are false then there is hope for him.  Of course I do not know what the strategy will be.  Charles’ case will have to be considered separately.  Now the focus is to exonerate Ryan.  If  there could be such a great outcome for Charles then  hopefully he will be diagnosed and treated.   He may never totally “let go” of the delusion but at least it can get to the point where NOBODY else believes him.   Medications do help to a point.

   Education can go a long way in helping everyone who comes in contact with the mentally ill.  People with a delusional disorder take a great deal of compassion and understanding.  It takes a great amount of discipline to NOT feed into their craziness.   Often it is hard to discern  between  a delusion and reality.  The ill person is usually extremely convincing and  100% committed to the delusion.  

Link to recant video:  http://www.komu.com/satellite/SatelliteRender/KOMU.com/ba8a4513-c0a8-2f11-0063-9bd94c70b769/af6c3449-80ce-0971-0123-829c367c333a


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